Welcome to the Cluster of Social Science Education

Social Sciences Education Staff

Vision Statement
To be the leading inter-disciplinary cluster that promotes African scholarship through teaching, research and outreach in Social Sciences Education.

Mission Statement
In the spirit of ‘uMuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’ [a person is a person through other people] we seek to become a leading cluster for teaching, research and outreach in Social Science Education.

We make a commitment to:

  • Emphasising values of mutual respect, equity and social justice
  • Promoting responsiveness in interactions amongst staff, between staff and students, and between the cluster and its partners
  • Enhancing disciplinary depth and inter-disciplinary collaboration
  • Valuing students as a central focus in the life of the School
  • Focusing particularly on using the African context and the intellectual perspectives this offers as an opportunity to address universal challenges of learning, teaching and research
  • Making a scholarly contribution to the School of Education, the College of Humanities, and the broader University

Plagiarism Policy
The University of KwaZulu-Natal takes a serious stance against plagiarism. "Plagiarism is viewed as a serious academic offence that is tantamount to academic fraud and theft and will be treated as such." (A2.5, Plagiarism Policy and Procedures)

Section A, paragraph 2.8 states "Plagiarism is ultimately the responsibility of the author of the work (student or staff), and they must ensure they are adequately informed and act to avoid plagiarism."

It is therefore recommended for all students and staff to familiarise themselves with UKZN's plagiarism policy. The full text of the policy can be found here:

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