BEd Honours (History Education)

Have you thought about a BEd Honours in History Education?

  • Are you a History teacher in the GET or FET phases, a subject advisor or a departmental official working in the field of History Education, in a museum or as an archival official?
  • Have you an undergraduate degree or a four year teaching qualification?
  • Do you wish to critically explore issues in History Education, have a deeper understanding of this field of study and through your research make a relevant contribution?

If so, consider enrolling for a BEd Honours degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s (UKZN) Cluster of Social Science Education.

Why study an Honours Degree in History Education?

  1. Advance your career prospects – often a postgraduate degree offers a distinct advantage over other applicants when applying for a position or being considered for promotion.
  2. Personal and professional development – enjoy the challenge and stimulation of exploring your subject in greater depth with the support of a community of your peers.
  3. Skills development – develop skills in critical thinking, research and curriculum development.

How is the BEd Honours in History Education structured?

  • One year full-time or two years part-time 

Seven Modules in Total

  • Two compulsory modules:
    Understanding Research and an Independent Research Project (IRP) in Social Science Education 
  • The following four specification modules:
    Issues in Teaching African History; Teaching for Historical Literacy; History Education through film and ICT; and Problems in Historical Understanding  
  • One module from any other BEd Honours specialisation 

Past Student Comments


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